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Is Evolv28 Safer to use ?

Evolv28 generates a ultra low magnetic field of strength 10 milligaus. As per FDA guidelines Evolv28 falls under General Wellness device and does not require FDA approval. Please refer FDA General Wellness Policy

What are the languages available to access the app?

The Mobile app currently supporting languages : English, Hindi ,Spanish

Who can use this device ?

Evolv28 generates extremely low Magnetic field , which is totally safe for all age groups, However we recommend age above (18). Peope who are undergoing any medical treatment or others having any queries are advised to consult the physician before using.

What are the side effects associated with it ?

Evolv28 device clinical studies have not recorded any side effects , Hence one can use the device without any concerns.

How long should i use the device ?

Our experts suggest using the Evolv28 device for a min of 3 hours to 9 hours in a day to get the most benefits out of it with a minimal breaks. Please check with you doctor for any queries on the duration of the usage.

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