The Science Behind It!

Evolv28 generates programmed variable complex weak magnetic fields (VCMF’s) waves that can modulate brain waves based on the chosen wellness program. This device allows the user to achieve a well-being state by modifying the disturbed brain waves and rejuvenating them back to normal.

Through neurostimulation and neurofeedback these patterns become learned in the brain, causing a fundamental shift in the native’s baseline operating state

The Digital Algorithmic Program gets generated and stored as Long Variable Frequency (LVF)

These Magnetic Fields get transmitted along the base of the neck and Brain Stem to various regions of the brain, resulting in modulated brain waves

Ferromagnetic media generates the magnetic field ranging from 0.1 to 4 milliGauss

This electrical signal then hits the inductor that contains Ferromagnetic media involving Magnesium and Zinc

These Digital LVF carry nano volts of electrical signal


The variable complex weak magnetic fields (VCMF’s) in the order of micro Tesla (10 milliguass) has been studied extensively under clinical settings, magnetic fields of this range have shown several therapeutic benefits in clinical studies including hypertension, depression, fatigue, confusion, and memory improvement. Since these magnetic fields are hundredfold lower compared to geomagnetic fields. You can enjoy the benefits of Evolv28 without pause since these ultra-low frequency magnetic waves are considered to be safe for long-term use without any side effects or adverse effects

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