Evolv28 helps you achieve your desired state of mind on the GO. Be it de-stress, ease anxiety, mindfulness, improve meditation, gain focus or get better sleep, the patented VCMF (Variable Complex weak Magnetic Field) technology generated by Evolv28 is there for the rescue. Multiple global clinical studies established its safety and efficacy. Evolv28 is science backed and uses VCMF technology to help your mind achieve alpha symmetry (harmonize the brain) to tackle various problems on the GO.

Sleep Better

VCMF (Variable Complex weak Magnetic Field) generated by Evolv28 tunes your mind to achieve alpha and early theta rhythm (meditative, unwinding and restful state) and helps prepare your mind & body for a restful sleep.

Evolv28 helps with sleep problems due to – Increased worry or excessive thoughts, Excessive stress and anxiety, Disturbed sleep wake cycle, Mental burden and fatigue.
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Concentrate Better

Focusing on cognitive enhancement, Evolv28 uses neurofeedback and ambient soundscapes to improve concentration and attention. Promoting an optimal mental state for focus minimises distractions and helps you maintain concentration over longer periods. This feature is particularly useful in environments where focus is critical, enabling you to complete tasks with greater efficiency and fewer errors.

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Uplift Mood

Evolv28 leverages positive psychology principles and sensory stimulation to enhance mood and energy. By delivering personalised content and activities designed to boost serotonin and dopamine levels, it acts as a catalyst for positive mood shifts. Whether through motivational messages, uplifting music, or engaging challenges, Evolv28 seeks to boost your mood daily, encouraging a more positive and energetic approach to life.

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Overcome Sorrow

Frontal alpha asymmetry (increased alpha power in the right hemisphere and reduced alpha power in the left hemisphere) is associated with sorrow and in the long term may lead to a state of depression. Evolv28 helps in achieving alpha symmetry and thus helps in balance the state of mind and help you cope with conditions leading to sorrow.

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Mindful Meditation

The device enhances mindful meditation practice by providing sensory cues that help focus your attention on the present moment. Through guided imagery, soundscapes, and vibration patterns, Evolv28 assists in deepening your meditation, making it easier to achieve a state of mindfulness. This support improves the quality of meditation and encourages regular practice, integrating mindfulness more seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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Ease Anxiety

Navigate those uneasy, nerve-wracking and anxious moments like a pro with an Evolv28 neck band! This device helps you in managing anxiety due to various reasons like – Emotional Rollercoaster, Work woes, Social Strains, Technology turmoil, Or any other issues due to relationships, daily obstacles & Financial Strains. The hands-on approach empowers you to manage anxiety symptoms effectively and on the GO.

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Alleviate Stress

Evolv28 is a wearable device that brings you stress relief on the Go. It helps with management of stress due to Social Reasons, Emotional Reasons, Work Reasons, or other factors like – Relationship, Financial and other daily issues.
It offers a personalised approach to stress relief and improves your overall stress resilience, making you better equipped to handle future stressors.

Other issues due to relationships, daily obstacles & Financial Strains

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Calm Your Mind

Evolv28 uses a blend of meditation and relaxation frequencies to reduce mental turbulence. Offering a selection of calming sounds and vibrations aids in quieting the mind, facilitating a state of mental stillness that is conducive to relaxation and stress relief. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with constant mental chatter, providing a tool to achieve peace and clarity amidst daily chaos.

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