Is Evolv28 Safer to use ?

Evolv28 generates a ultra low magnetic field of strength 10 milli gauss. As per FDA guidelines, Evolv28 falls under General Wellness device and does not require FDA approval. Please refer FDA General Wellness Policy

What are the languages available to access the app?
The Mobile app currently supporting languages : English, Hindi ,Spanish.
Who can use this device ?

Evolv28 generates extremely low Magnetic field , which is totally safe for all age groups, However we recommend age above (18). People who are undergoing any medical treatment or others having any queries are advised to consult the physician before using.

What are the side effects associated with it ?

Evolv28 device clinical studies have not recorded any side effects , Hence one can use the device without any concerns.

How long should i use the device ?

Our experts suggest using the Evolv28 device for a min of 3 hours to 9 hours in a day to get the most benefits out of it with a minimal breaks. Please check with you doctor for any queries on the duration of the usage.


How long should I charge my Evolv28 for the First Time ?

Recommended to charge it for atleast 4 Hrs for the First time or charge it till Green light alert.

How would I know that my Evolv28 device is ON for the first time ?

After switching on the device you can see a white LED light which indicates that the device is on.

App Install & Registration

What are the Minimum OS Verions that support App installation in both Andrioid and iOS ?

Android OS above 10 have a smoother flow with the app.
iOS 12 and above

Do i need to signup with the App ? if Yes , what are the possible options for Sign up ?

You can sign up with your Google account or mobile number or Apple account or Facebook account

How can I connect the Evolv28 device to the app?

Download Evolv28 App on Andorid Play Store or App Store
Install the app
Register through Google id or Apple ID or Facebook ID or any other mail id.
Switch on the Evolv28 device and click on the Devie icon in the bottom or connect icon and you can see a blue LED light on the device which indicates that the device is connected.

Device Connectivty

How can i connect to the Evolv28 device ?

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and Switch on the Evolv28 device to pair up

How far is the connectivity range ?

We would suggest to keep the device in the range of 5 meters from Mobile

What if i could not connect to the Evolv28? What are the requirement for device connectivity in the Mobile ?

Ensure that your bluetooth and mobile location services are ON for a better connectivity.

Program Play

What programs I am subscribed for

One can see in the program lobby the programs subscribed for.

I can see a Download symbol on program

If one an see a download symbol the program is subscried but not yet downloaded to deivce

How long can i play the selected program ?

By Default the program runs for 3 hours. You can set the duration of a program according to your convenience in the Mobile App while initiating the Program play

Can I change to another program while I am playing existing program?

Open the Evolv28 app tap the home icon and you can see the duration of your mindfulness journey on the top by clicking that you can go through your activity.

Can I check the play time of my completed programs?

Open the Evolv28 app in your mobile and click on the profile option in the bottom menu,one can check the program run history

Can I use the device while charging ?

No. It is not recommended to use the Evolv28 device while charging. We took utmost care to not to use the device while charging , hence rogram playshall not happen during Charging the device.

Can I download a program while charging

Yes, For optmized download experience, It is recommended to charge the device while download the program

Orange light showing on device or 50% of battery backup in device tab in App

The program does not start if Orange light is showing up on Device
If 50% battery is showing on the device tab on App. The program may start may be stopped in between based on duration of program run selected

Program Download

How can I download a program?

Click on the downlaod buttion of desired program. Mobile App shall request you to connect the nearest WIFI. Please provide the WIFI password in the Mobile APP., then Program download shall begin. Ensure if enough battery backup is not there, connect the device to power source.

What are the requirements / conditions for downloading the program?

You must be subscribed to the progarm which is to be dowloaded. App request you to connect with WIFI to downlaod the file. You need to provide the WIFI password. ,but network with a frequency of 2.4 GHz is advisable.

Can I download multiple programs at a time?

Yes, you can download multiple programs by a click on the Bulk download option in settings menu.

Light Indicators

White light indicator - Device is On

It indicates that the device is ON and ready to connect with the mobile bluetooth

Red light indicates....- charging

It indicates that the device is being charged (Charging Mode)

Orange light indicates..Low battery

It indicates that device battery is LOW

Blue light indicates... Device is connected

It indicates that the device Bluetooth is connected to Mobile App

Green light Indicates - Full Battery

It indicates that Battery is fully charged (100% Charge)

White light blinks .... Program play

Case 1: It indicates that the selected program is running (Or)
Case 2: It indicates that the program download is in progress

Device Charging

What type of charger do I need to use for Evolv28 device charging

Any Mobile Charger can be used which is below 67W along with Type C cable for charging.

How long should i charge the device

We recommand to charge the device atleast 4-5 Hours to get the 100% (Untill Green LED apprears). Avoid over night charging or continious charging.

Order related

Does the website handle international orders?

Yes Evolv28 is available for international orders.

What if I want to cancel my order?

After placing the order you will receive a tracking Id, while tracking your device you are directed to your order page there you can enter the reason for cancellation and then you can cancel your order. Note: You can cancel the order within 24 hrs of placing the order or before shipping in other cases the cancellation is not valid.

What if I have a problem with my order?

In case of any problem with the order you can contact our customer support team.

When can I expect my order ?

Your order will be delivered with in 5 -7 business days after you place the order.

Return and Replacement

What is the return period of the device?

You can return your order within 10 to 15 days from your date of receiving the order.

Subscription related queries

How to get the subscription of the device?

You can avail the subscription by visiting the home page and view the different programs and to take the program of your choice.

What is the general price charged for the subscription of a program?

The general price charged for the subscription is ………..which is the same for every program.

Can I transfer my subscription to some others? Is it transferable?

No, subscription is intransferable.


What is the warranty of the Evolv28?

The warranty of the device is 1 year. In this time we will replace your device in case of any discrepancy.

In case of any damage of the device during the warranty period, is it replaceable?

Yes incase of any internal damages in the warranty period,there is a chance of either replacing or fixing the device.

What type of issues are usually addressed in warranty period?

Issues related to the working of the device both internally and externally and make sure that you do not open the device, and contact customer support team for any issues.

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