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Feeling low ? stressed ? tired ? distracted ? sleepless ? anxious ? unfocused ? work fatigue ?

Smart Wearables and Device for Mindfulness, Mental Wellbeing, and Holistic Wellness

We can make things better.

With its feather-light, low frequency magnetic pulses, Evolv28 safely and effectively re-calibrates your brain’s natural waves that are out of sync. The result? A much better day – and night.

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Select from our range of specific programs that have been designed to enhance your state of being. Whether you’re looking to feel less stressed-out or increase your concentration, take your pick and rise up.

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What our customers say
Significant improvement in sleep

After a prolonged struggle with disturbed sleep patterns due to work stress and an irregular routine, I was really fortunate to discover the Evolv28 device.I began using the Sleep Better program daily for 6-7 hours about a month ago.

Operational Specialists
Best Choice

I was determined to improve my mental well-being without relying on drugs. The brand new Evolv28 wearable has become my top choice for enhancing mental well being. If you need more calmness and stress relief in your life.

A Software Developer
My Sanity Saver

Before discovering Evolv28 , I struggled with sleepless nights and restless days. I felt exhausted and irritable, unable to focus or enjoy my daily activities. However, since using Evolv28, my sleep has improved dramatically.

Monica Sarosia
Head of Marketing & Single Mom Extraordinaire
Simply yet effective

Since using Evolv28 into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my productivity and overall well-being. It’s reassuring to know that I can rely on a natural, safe solution to enhance my daily life.

Lokesh Singh
Team Leader
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